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At long last, tyres that won't puncture and yet still perform like an air filled tyre.
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Available as a complete tyre and wheel assembly or as tyres only.
Amerityre puncture proof tyres
Hancox is an appointed distributor of Amerityre. Tyres to fit wheel barrows and many garden tractors as well as many other applications from golf courses to factories. Customers using Amerityre include The Hurlingham Club, Etesia Mowers, Southampton City council and many others.
Amerityre 11x4.00-5 smoothAmerityre 13x6.50-6 LGAmerityre1 8x8.50-12 GC
The idea of puncture proof tyres has been in existence some time, many ideas have been tried, some with an amount of success but most with failure to offer all round protection from punctures.
Amerityre is the closest tyre yet to replicate the properties of a normal pneumatic tyre or "air filled tyre" as it is more commonly known. For the first time it is possible to say that Amerityre tyres offer full all round protection from punctures. Not suitable for highway use, ie motor vehicles and trailers etc.
Amerityre 11x4.00-5 LG TurfAmerityre 15x6.00-6 TurfAmerityre 16x6.50-8 TurfAmerityre 18x85-12 Street
Amerityre is a specially formulated polyurethane which is poured into a tyre mould being spun to create a centrifugal force causing a chemical reaction and the tyre becomes an air equivalent tyre after about 30 seconds. A pyramid cone is then used to press the tyre over the cone onto the wheel. These tyres hold more weight, never go flat, don't crack or sun rot are not deteriorated by chemicals. They require no inflation, mud doesn't stick to them like a normal tyre, they are non marking, won't absorb water and outwear rubber tyres 2 to 1.
Amerityre 4.80x4.00-8Amerityre 2.50x3 WCHAmerityre 3.00-4.20 WCHAmerityre 12.5x2.25 WCHAmerityre 3.00-8 WCH
Amerityre for puncture proof tyres for wheelbarrows      Amerityre, the perfect flatfree tyre

Hancox offer Amerityre both as a complete tyre and wheel assembly or tyre only option.

Tyres are available in many sizes.

Email or call 01527 869081 to find out if we have your size available.
Amerityre road puncture proof tyre - black  Amerityre All Terrain puncture proof tyre  - black  Amerityre mountain puncture proof tyre - black  Amerityre Street tyre - black  Amerityre All Terrain tread
Buy Amerityre puncture proof bike tyres online direct from
Amerityre puncture proof tyres for bicycles    Puncture proof tyres from Hancox    Amerityre puncture proof tyres
If you would like to know more about our puncture free tyres for bicycles, please email James Bowett at Hancox.
Amerityre, temporary/spare tyres

Future tyres from Amerityre

Email or call 01527 869081 for further details on the new polyurethane elastomer temporary/spare tyre from Amerityre - it requires no air to operate.
For more information please call on 01527 869081 or email, we would be delighted to help.
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